Fiberboard Discs - 100 Discs - Sizes 1/4" (6 mm) to 1-1/8" (29 mm)

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These are Fiberboard Discs as opposed to Hardboard Discs. The difference between the two types of discs are in the material they are made from, thickness of the discs and the size of center holes. The Fiberboard Discs are available in two thicknesses and come with two center holes. The 1/16" center hole in sizes 1/4" through 3/4", outside diameter, are all for mini-sized teddies. Use 1/16 x 3/4" or 1/16 x 1/2" cotter pins. The 1/8" center hole in sizes 3/4" and bigger, outside diameter, are for small to large bears. Use 6/32 lock nuts & screws with #6 washers or a 7/64x1-1/2" cotter pin with #6 washers.