What is Mohair?

MOHAIR is an environmentally friendly alternative to real fur. It is sheared from the Angora Goat, spun into a yarn, woven into a cotton backing and custom hand dyed for the most luxurious animal friendly furs available in today's market. One of the oldest textile fibers in use today is Mohair. Mohair is one of the most soft, luxurious, durable and resilient animal fibers. The long silky hair of the Angora Goat is sheared twice a year and spun into a yarn. The hair has characteristics that are similar to wool except that it does not have the scales that can irritate the skin like wool can. It has smooth fibers which gives it luster and shine and the luxury feel like cashmere, angora and silk. The hair won't shrink and is easy to care for. Mohair has been popular for home decor for many years due to its flame resistance, durability and high sound absorbency. It works very well for symphony halls, theaters, hotel lobbies, offices as well as for homes. Mohair drapes are great insulators to keep heat in during the cold weather and a barrier against outside hot temperatures in summer. The word Mohair comes from the Turkish word "muyhar", which is literally translated as "the best selected fleece". The original Mohair came from Turkey. The fabric was so valued that for hundreds of years they attempted to keep it a secret. Export of the Mohair fabric was banned and the Angora Goats were highly protected. Around 1820 the Angora Goats began to be exported to various regions of the world. They were introduced to the U.S. in 1849 as a gift from Turkey. During World War II, the United States became concerned about wool production, because military uniforms were made from wool. They decided to start blending Mohair with wool. This is how Mohair got it's start in fashion! Today most of the world's Mohair originates in South Africa. The United States is the second largest producer with it being a huge industry in Texas. Mohair is a great fabric with a unique history. It's soft and luxurious to your skin and it's rich luster combined with great durability will give you a long lasting product.