Ways to Use Intercal's Fabrics

Our fabrics are used for the following:

  • First and foremost for Collectible Animals...Teddy Bears and other Creations.
  • Upholstery Fabrics. The preferred fabrics for upholstery purposes seem to be Alpaca. Quality ALP7/S and ALP4/S are favorites!!
  • Clothing and Costuming: Our fabrics are used for personal clothing including hats and scarfs as well as in theater and film productions. Just let your imagination run wild!!
  • Our Viscose fabrics are great for teddy bear and doll making. Other traditional uses include linings in Jewelry and Instrument Boxes.
  • Decorative Pillows, Bedspreads, Throw Rugs and other items used around the house.
  • Doll hair and Doll Clothing. Doll Artists know that our fabrics can play a big role in Doll Artistry.

We are sure we have missed many usages. YOU are the artist!! We love to work with YOU on your projects!!

Your Mohair Supplier