So Treasured Stuffing Stick

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This multi-use stuffing stick, compared to others, is more refined, has a beautiful rounded, flattened, tapered tip and is easier to maneuver. It allows for precise placement of your favorite stuffing material. Your creations can be "sculpted" or "shaped" from the inside with this tool - there is no bulky handle in the way. It has the perfect tip (no sharp points or edges to jab through or scratch your precious fabrics) and has a fun new design. You can use them for everything (stuffing, flattening seems, pressing out curves,...). They are so handy and comfortable to use.

More information from the Stuffing Stick Creator: I LOVE this tool so much. I use it multiple times a day to turn or round out the little parts for my small to medium sized bears, stuff the teddy bears, and place more fiberfill "just so" by propping a little fiberfill on the tip and wiggling it up/under/in and around the snout and cheeks to sculpt super cute head shapes or fill those hard to get areas such as the tip of the toes & paws, top of shoulders, and the neck area. (I have about 6 in use - two by my sewing machine, two by my sewing station,and two by my design desk  because I am always reaching for it!!) It's like butter in my hands. It just FEELS so nice to hold and use. It's very easy to maneuver compared to the T-sticks, prettier, and smaller to store and carry in a tool kit. 

- it's exclusive, copyrighted, and made of 100% durable, eco-friendly wood

- it's hand-sanded for an extra soft/smooth feeling in your hand and for use with your special fabrics (it will not snag fibers)

- the maneuverability of the slim handle is easy on the wrist and actually allows delicate "sculpting" of small to medium-sized teddy bears & doll parts 

- the flat, rounded, tapered tip is less likely to poke through seams

- the tool is so handy that many teddy bear and doll artists also use it as a "turning tool" for pressing out teddy bear & doll parts but also teddy bear and doll clothes!